what a year.

what a year.

As I sit down to write this post, it is 10 degrees below zero here in Minnesota. I'm curled up in my favorite armchair, officially on winter break from my day job at school, and I've got no words to describe how I'm feeling as I reflect on the past year of Meadow & Mae.

This is unusual. I'm typically a woman of many words (I have a degree in creative writing, for god's sake). Maybe it's because this has been a year full of big things. Or maybe it's because this business means so much to me. Either way, I'm going to attempt to express how I'm feeling at this present moment, because I love being able to look back on old posts further down the road.

At the beginning of this year, I still viewed this business as a hobby, something to fill my time when I was stuck at home, whether due to the pandemic or these brutal Minnesota winters. It was fun seeing orders come through my Etsy shop, playing with new designs, packaging orders up in cute paper and stickers. But it wasn't something I thought would go much further than that.

Then, in the spring, I took the plunge into markets and in-person events. I was TERRIFIED. I remember driving to my very first event in May with a carload of supplies and inventory, my stomach in knots. My parents met me there and helped me unload, setup, and arrange everything (shoutout to Ann & Paul, my best hype squad). The market ended up being much more successful than I ever imagined, and it was the first time I truly felt validated in my art. Not that I hadn't received that feedback before in other ways, but there's something especially impactful about talking to people who are interested in your designs, in seeing them light up when they look at them, and in being able to stand behind a full booth of things you made.

From there, it feels like Meadow & Mae really started to grow. I attended a grand total of twelve events throughout the year (each one less nerve-wracking than the last!), and at these I met so many other makers and small business owners who have made this journey even more inspiring. I learned how to work Instagram like a boss (most of the time). I found my artistic voice, developing collections that truly represent my viewpoint and aesthetic. And, perhaps biggest of all, I launched this site, which had been a dream for awhile, and one that I put my entire heart and soul into.

So. This year was a big one. I learned that your small business doesn't have to actually be "small" in your eyes. 

If you've had any part in helping Meadow & Mae grow this year, I owe you my deepest gratitude. Whether you made a purchase, engaged with my social media, mentioned me to a friend, or just cheered me on - you're why I'm writing this post.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I guess I did have the words after all.

All my love to you in the new year. I can't wait to show you what's next.


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