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Meadow & Mae

Crescent Moon Ring

Crescent Moon Ring

This gold-plated ring features a crescent moon shape and a faux clay stone inside the bezel. It is easily adjustable for a wide range of sizes by simply pulling apart or pushing together the two sides.

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These rings are adjustable, so they should fit a wide variety of sizes. To adjust, simply pull the two sides of the ring apart to make bigger or push closer to make smaller.


Ring made from polymer clay (and resin, if applicable) and attached to metal with epoxy. Metal ring base is real gold-plated.

Care information

Please treat your handmade ring with care to get the most life out of it. The clay piece is adhered with a strong epoxy adhesive. Avoid contact with liquids or slamming it against any hard surfaces. If metal bends, gently bend it back in place.

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